The Valedictory Hearing for HH Judge Kramer 28 September 2023

That happened! Our Judge Kramer is retiring, sadly, and the moment was marked on 28 September 2023 at the Moot Hall. A star studded event indeed, and so very fitting , to convey our thanks to him for everything he has done and for creating this Newcastle BPC Forum five and a half years ago. We welcomed at the Moot Hall, in full ceremonial dress, the Chancellor of the High Court Sir Julian Flaux, the Vice Chancellor Mr Justice Fancourt, Mrs Justice Cockerill, The DCJ HH Judge Freedman, the Recorder of Newcastle Judge Sloan KC, the Lord Lieutenant of Tyne and Wear, the Lord Mayor, the President of the Newcastle Law Society, HH Judge Malcolm Davis-White KC, and so many members of the judiciary, the Bar, the solicitors profession, and generally people who wholeheartedly appreciate Judge Kramer, including the loyal BPC clerks. I have never seen the court room so full. And that’s not all- so many other illustrious attendees joined us by Teams. Even the Master of the Rolls himself, Sir Geoffrey Vos, joined us the night before.

As Judge Davis-White KC said on several occasions, this Forum is the brainchild of Judge Kramer. And a prolific child this was – as we are now looking forward to welcome our guests on Monday 2 October 2023 for our 22nd event.  This child now has siblings in Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester , who are no doubt looking up to the Newcastle great original and its creator.

We started having talks and events in person in 2018, we adapted to the changing world in 2020 and had them remotely, then we got back to the good old fashion face to face, having learned precious lessons. We are growing stronger as time goes by.  The main constant was the resilience and tireless effort by Judge Kramer.

Needless to say it is all due to the amazing drive , enthusiasm  and hard work that Judge Kramer put into it, and inspired us to follow his example. I dare to think it gave him pride and satisfaction , judging by the fact that every single poster for every single of or so far 20 events, adorns the walls in his office at the Moot Hall, neatly framed. A 21st will of course go up next week. It is the most prominent feature of an already beautiful room and no doubt gave him joy and memory prompts every time his gaze lingered upon them.

And now , as life and the judicial rules would have it, he will hand all this over to HH Judge Davis-White KC, who, in truth is not a stranger to the workings of our events at all and has been a wonderful supporter all this time.  We will miss Judge Kramer, and we will miss his captivating story telling.  We do hope he will continue to be present for us as much as his (hopefully exciting) retirement will allow.

I am including some photos from the event below. Enjoy!