Newcastle B&PC Forum’s 16th event – The Changing face of Commercial Litigation in Newcastle and Tyneside – event materials and reflections

Our event of 2 February 2022 was, by any standard, a great success. This is no great surprise though, as Mrs Justice Cockerill DBE was an extremely engaging and entertaining speaker. She was brilliantly introduced by HHJ Kramer, who made sure to pave the way for her with carefully chosen detail and good natured humour. The talk just flowed seamlessly for the entire duration, enriching our knowledge in a very gentle and informative fashion. It felt so good to see the amount of very region specific research that went into her talk, and that made us feel even more valued as lawyers of the North East. She was in truth a star guest.

I am very happy to report that we had 58 people attending in person at Northumbria University Law School on the day, the highest number we had since we started doing hybrid events. We also had just over 60 attendees remotely, from all over the country. We are very grateful to all those who joined us and the feedback we received tells us they enjoyed the event greatly.

We are also grateful to Northumbria University, our faithful host for our amazing events, and to Trinity Chambers Barristers for ensuring we all had refreshments at the lively networking that took place before the talk. And very lively it was, especially that we managed to organise a Q&A session with the Northumbria University Law Students earlier that same afternoon. It all merged into a very successful and memorable day. I dare say our guest enjoyed it as well.

Mrs Justice Cockerill kindly provided her slides and her talk , to be published on our website for all to see and enjoy. These are available below, and are freely downloadable.