Beat the Clock – notes on the 14th Newcastle B&PC Forum Event of 28 June 2021

A beautiful summer evening it was – Monday 28 June 2021, from 5.15 PM. Even the weather was lenient here in the North, a precious blessing. We are grateful to all those who decided that the best thing to do on a Monday evening was to join us in being skilfully educated by HH Judge Kramer and by Simon Goldberg on the finer details of Limitation. In am proud and pleased to say that not less than 100 attendees joined the Zoom event hosted by District Judge Hambler, which made it a great success. We are also grateful to Trinity Chambers, who provided the conference room for the host and speakers (and their support team, including me) , which contributed greatly to a smooth process from start to finish.

Kind and helpful as ever, HH Judge Kramer has provided us with the written notes of his talk, which can be found here:

No doubt they will be very useful to keep handy and revisit at times. And then I hope you’ll remember where you got them from – that is, the Newcastle B&PC Forum.

Our next event will see us all together in October 2021. Here is hoping that the 15th Event will be one attended in person. I will post all the details in due course.