Intellectual Property -Your rights and how to protect them – the basics – 19 April 2021- the 13th Newcastle BPC Forum Event

Another very successful event! On this chilly Monday evening, 120 attendees joined our brilliant speakers, Douglas Campbell QC and Geoffrey Pritchard, and left the event feeling no doubt enriched by the new (or refreshed) knowledge on the basics of Intellectual Property. The speakers were, very aptly, introduced by DJ Phillips, who is also an IPEC Judge, and who offered an extremely useful view on the work of the IPEC here in the North East. We are grateful to Douglas Campbell QC and Geoffrey Pritchard, who graced us with their presence and expertly delivered their knowledge, and we would like to thank all of you who joined us on the night, for your time and the interesting questions to the speakers.

Our speakers were kind enough to allow the slides from the night to be uploaded on our website, so here there are, below, available for everyone to download and use.

Now that 13 is behind us, we are looking forward o warmly welcoming you at our 14th Event, on the 28th of June 2021, to enjoy another evening of knowledge, tips and warnings – this time on Limitation.