The 9th B&PC Forum Event – 15 June 2020 – Blue Pencils, Legitimate Interests and Restraint of Trade

The latest event we held was the first one we ever had on Zoom. Hopefully the last one, too, as by October time, when the 10th one will take place, the restrictions may be relaxed, if not lifted. We don’t know, but we are optimistic.

We were joined by 87 attendees, and we are grateful to them all, for gifting their time to us on a Monday evening and listening to a riveting talk by David Reade QC on Legitimate Interests and Restraint of Trade. We are thankful to David Reade QC for presenting it, and making our event such a successful one. He kindly made the slides of his talk available to us and they can be accessed here.

The event was hosted by HH Judge Kramer, very suitably from the Court Room inside the Moot Hall. Of course, we should and we will make sure to find ourselves between its lovely walls while we still can. Having it on Zoom has the benefit that we now have a recording of the lecture, which can be accesses here, 

Password: 6m%@6Tg+

Many thanks for all the work that the B&PC Forum Committee has undertaken to make it possible.