The B&PC Forum event of 9 March 2020 – remembering the time when we could legally gather for a common purpose

It seems like a lifetime ago but I am happy to make available for everyone the exceptional materials which were presented at our event on 9 March 2020. A lot has come upon us since and unfortunately our next event will not be an attended one, bur rather one hosted online. Like most things these days.

It is none the less good to remember that last month we were shaking hands fearlessly and we sat together in the theatre at Northumbria University enjoying this seminar. As if our guests had a premonition that such events will become forbidden, they turned up in high numbers and we are thankful to them all.

We are hopeful that we will be able to resume organising good old attended events very soon. In the meantime, details about our next event, scheduled for 15 June 2020, will be published here shortly.