The 6th B&PC Forum Event -21 October 2019

The 6th Business and Property Court Event took place on 21 October 2019 at Northumbria University. This time we focused on matters of Litigation Funding, featuring very informative and actual presentations delivered by some of  our own local stars, Andrew Cawkwell from Manolete Partners, Jonathan Rodger of Trinity Chambers and Matthew Maddison of Enterprise Chambers.

The Opening and Closing remarks, and introduction of the speakers, were done by District Judge Philips. The event proceeded, as always, under the overall supervision and guidance of HH Judge Kramer.

The event was attended by over 60 participants, making it a very successful one. We were happy to welcome Judges, Solicitors, Barristers and Academics, as well as other professions.

The topics are very interesting and looked, from different angles, at the way the litigation (that can become very expensive indeed) can be funded, the perils of the insurance pursuits, and the attitude towards risk both from a litigant perspective, and from a funder perspective. The event also offered the opportunity to get up to date with the relevant case law, and especially with the Courts’ current views on costs in litigation that benefits from funding.

To recap, the presentations were as follows:

“Litigation Funding Overview 2019” – Andrew Cawkwell, Manolete Partners.

“A funder’s liability for costs: raising the Arkin cap” – Jonathan Rodger, Trinity Chambers.

“Security for Costs: Impecunious Companies and Litigation Funders” – Matthew Maddison, Enterprise Chambers.

I took the opportunity, at the end, to introduce to the attendees our website, which is now live and full of information. All the reports on our events, and news regarding the B&PC generally will be available there from now on. Also, bookings for our next events can be made directly on our website.

The materials from the speakers, as well as some photos from the event, are available here on our website for those who want to revisit the topics, and also for those who for one reason or another didn’t manage to join us on the night.

The B&PC Forum committee wishes to thank our host, Northumbria University, for providing the lecture theatre, and Manolete Partners, who kindly provided the refreshments.

Our next event will be on 9 December 2019, from 6 PM at Northumbria University, and we will be honoured by a star guest – Mr Justice Snowden, the Vice Chancellor of the High Court. Registrations are now open.